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HandyLinux will stop English support in 2018 as we don't have specific english team.
Please use handy2debian before 2018.

HandyLinux is a French distribution. We've done all that we can to translate it to English, but it may still include some French words.
Don't hesitate to join our forum (English section) if you want to contribute to the translation.

Here you will find the necessary tools to download HandyLinux, test it in a live session or install it on your system, take control of your computer, take advantage of integrated applications and go further with the “adventurers” section.
To facilitate your search, you can use the search box at the top of each page.

  • Get some help from the community, on the HandyLinux forum.
  • Or consult the latest news on the HandyLinux blog (fr).
  • For offline consultation, you may choose to export any page as a PDF (“Exporter en PDF”) using the menu on the right-hand side.

Discover, Configure and Use HandyLinux

HandyLinux Light : a version for CDROM

  • HandyLinuxLight : the CDROM version of HandyLinux (-700M). This version is for users who do not have machine that can boot from USB or DVD.

Manage HandyLinux

Go further

  • Play Adventurers : use the terminal, install and uninstall software, add a printer, access the complete list of applications…
  • Evolve HandyLinux : HandyLinux is yours ? so go further and discover Debian possibilities or switch to Debian with Handy2Debian.
  • You want to test other distributions ? install VirtualBox and discover other environment without any risk for your system.
  • Want to play Windows games ? Microsoft™ applications ? Install PlayOnLinux.
  • You want to add extra multimedia codecs or access new multimedia applications, then just add deb-multimedia repository.
  • Install newer packages from backports repositories (advanced user).
  • Need some Remote support ? HandyLinux includes a Teamviewer installer, a simplified remote support program (non-free)
  • You want to help ? see how to contribute to HandyLinux.

Computers tested with HandyLinux

To facilitate your choice when buying equipment, we list on this page the material tested and certified for HandyLinux. Do not hesitate to come to the forum to list your equipment to help other users.

HandyLinux is based on Debian and built with Free Softwares.

HandyLinux is a collegial distribution : its development is a direct result of requests and feedback from its users..
To participate in the evolution of HandyLinux, join us on the forum and suggest improvements.

Live from the Blog (fr)

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